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September 27, 2008

Just returned from the movie Ghost Town— very sweet, funny. Ricky Gervais was wonderful in his role as a hopeless misanthrope who somehow becomes loveable. I savor a meditative walk after exiting the theatre — tonight it had just rained and the air was fresh and the sky ablaze with pinks and blues of a still-bright sunset. Reading — for novels, I recently enjoyed Midori by Moonlight by Wendy Tokunaga. It was a late summer beach read, but indulged my lust for Japanese culture, exquisite desserts, and believable romantic comedy.   

All for now…Laurie



September 25, 2008

Katy, your description of Ava’s hideout (in response to Hello World) had me salivating! It is so wonderful to hear from a mom who nurtures her daughter’s introversion, supporting rather than discouraging her desire for quiet and solitude — in style!

It took me years to claim my need for solitary space. As I look at around my home office/haven, I see reflections of me everywhere — my walls are the palette for my personal collage: movie posters, cut out images from magazines, postcards, preserved fine art puzzles (have a wall of these!), photos of friends and people who inspire me, quotes, words, just stuff I like. Here’s to the radical idea that an adult, too, can have a room of her own.

I’d love to hear more about the lofty lofts out there!



September 20, 2008

Hey again: I think I like the new digs. Let me know what you think. There’s always the beauty of a blank page, a new space, unknown possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, I have read that happiness is tied to the sense that things are getting better, the feeling of having planted bunches of seeds and knowing that at least some of them will sprout–but also, at least for me, the not knowing–not knowing when, which ones will take, or what exactly what they will look like. I love to plant and forget. When I was little and lived in rural Minnesota, I “planted” a box of treasures in the snow, knowing that I would forget about it and then find it again in the Spring. Now I plant myself: submitting, applying, pitching, offering, inviting — and then see who and what responds.

Plant future surprises, and be happy.  

Come on up and tell me your loft-y thoughts.

Later, Laurie

Hello world!

September 20, 2008

Hi. I’m checking out this new loft space to see how it feels. Still have Laurie’s Loft, but had to close the “comments” function because of that intrusive and parasitic phenomenon in our online culture called SPAM. It’s been nice and quiet, but I miss hearing the legitimate voices of my visitors. So welcome to my new and expanded-for-comments loft.

Why a loft? Because I’m an introvert and I like having a hideout. But also because I like to have a vantage point. And I think of a loft as a cozy but also hip and casual place where we can drink tea and color in coloring books if we want. If you haven’t done the latter lately, I highly recommend it. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the floor with a box of 64 or more Crayola colors and a coloring book filled with nice, simple drawings. The boundaries are clear, the task is finite and the results are tangible. Try it soon.

Hope you enjoy visiting.

Best, Laurie