September 20, 2008

Hey again: I think I like the new digs. Let me know what you think. There’s always the beauty of a blank page, a new space, unknown possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, I have read that happiness is tied to the sense that things are getting better, the feeling of having planted bunches of seeds and knowing that at least some of them will sprout–but also, at least for me, the not knowing–not knowing when, which ones will take, or what exactly what they will look like. I love to plant and forget. When I was little and lived in rural Minnesota, I “planted” a box of treasures in the snow, knowing that I would forget about it and then find it again in the Spring. Now I plant myself: submitting, applying, pitching, offering, inviting — and then see who and what responds.

Plant future surprises, and be happy.  

Come on up and tell me your loft-y thoughts.

Later, Laurie


4 Responses to “Loftwarming”

  1. Jim said

    Hey, Laurie,

    Your loft seems nice to me. I like reading your observations. I hope this works well for you.


  2. Bruce said

    Happiness is also trying something new and it actually works. Congratulations on your new digs, Laurie.

  3. Laurie,
    It feels good in the loft. I can see ideas sprouting and blooming already.

  4. Katy Brown said

    Laurie, I agree with you! A new slate, a blank page — it’s as peaceful as walking into an uncluttered, clean house! There’s something very relaxing about walking downstairs after a full night’s rest to a kitchen that has an empty sink and a cleared-off countertop. I LOVE CLEAN SLATES!

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