Introvert recovery

October 22, 2008

Cathe — great to hear from you, and I hope you enjoy my book! Your question, “How do you recover your introversion when you were raised as an extrovert?” is essentially what I take on in Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength. The good news for introverts who simply want to be introverts is that we don’t really need to DO anything. For us, it’s more about NOT acting like extroverts, NOT hurrying up or speaking just to make noise, NOT apologizing for wanting to be alone/saying “no” to parties/avoiding small talk, NOT buying in to the values that don’t represent us. It’s about what I call “meditating in the mosh pit” — taking our introversion into the world and being quieter, more thoughtful representatives of society. 

Keep in touch!

Best, Laurie


3 Responses to “Introvert recovery”

  1. Scott Lee said

    Hey, Laurie! Just wanted to share something with you:

    In a voice blog I talk about your book, introversion vs. extroversion and how it relates to independent artists and creativity. If you have time, drop me a line and let me know what you think! =]

  2. Hi Laurie,
    I just read your book “Introvert Power”, and I felt an overwhelming need to respond.

    First, I must say that the manner in which I found the book makes me believe in a certain “karma”. I merely went to my local library to return some books, while my wife waited in the car. I couldn’t help but walk over to the new arrival section—almost like some invisible force was directing me. When I scanned the topmost shelf, I saw the title of your book, as though the words were ten times larger than those of all the other book titles. I knew I had to have it!

    And I’m glad I checked it out! I have only recently, within the past year or two, began realizing the effect I can have on people just by being the strong, silent type. I can certainly agree with the phrases on the back cover of your book: Quiet is Might; Solitude is Strength; Introversion is Power!

    Much more I could say, but I at least wanted to say thanks for your wonderful book!

  3. Juliet said

    Hi Laurie

    I am half way through your book “Introvert Power” and decided I had to take a look round your website, see your other books, get to know a little more about you etc. And then I saw you had a blog! Marvellous. I get a chance to speak 😉

    As I said, I am half way through your book and finding it absolutely fantastic. I feel as if I’m at home when I sink into the pages. I can relate to it all and it is wonderful to know that over half of the people around me feel the same to varying degrees. When you talk about having deeper conversations and getting out of the small talk, my heart says, “yes, yes yes!” When you speak of the exhaustion I feel understood. And you are explaining to me my why things are like this.

    The company where I work is very much in favour of the MBTI test. I have taken it a couple of times and am horrendously introverted. This has now been identified as a problem in my work and the company is paying for me to see a life coach for this. I think they should simply have bought me your book!


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